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Sanitary pad stacker(Adjustable shifter level)

  • 1.Full automation from sanitary pad counting and stacking to packaging machine

    2. Use double -way adjustable shifter level stacking  which is applicable for various product specification 

    3. Save change over patrs,cut cost and management

    4.Full automation from counting to packing according to customer requirement

    5.Can detect the unqualified products 

    6.Use full servo and import parts  with high-speed stability

    7. Main functions can be controlled by touch screen, easy to operate

  • 1.Machine model:YL-1500

    2.Packaging speed:900 pcs/min

    3.Overall dimension:L(6800)xW(1600)xH(1700 ) 

    4.Power supply:3 phase 380V±5%50Hz 

    5.Power:25 KW

    6.Pneumatic system:0.4 Mpa

    7.Air consumption:0.6 m³/min

    8.Weight:3000 KG