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Full- Auto Diaper Packaging Machine YL-115

  • 1.Used for the packaging of diaper

    2.Applicable for sealing of products of various sizes by changing mould

    3.Cut labor and management cost, save more space

    4.easy operation, stable capability, the efficiency of package sealing will be greatly improved

    5.Chinese bag, automatic bag-making, bag compression, bag sealing ,bag pushing-out and waste suction online

  • Machine model:YL-115
    Packaging speed:30-35 bags/min
    Packaging range:L(130-450)×W(130-170)×H(150-500)mm
    Overall dimension:L(4000)×W(2500)×H(2000)mm
    Power supply:3 phase 380V±5% 50Hz
    Power:30 KW
    Pneumatic system:0.8 Mpa
    Air consumption:0.5 m³/min
    Weight:4500 KG
    Packaging material:PE Tube